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Great, natural looking wig for an affordable price

The wig is really natural looking and easy to style. The hair feels soft and the lighter strands add to the natural appearance. The lace is big enough for the part and the front of the wig to blend in easily.

The only things to note are that it is quite big on me as I have a relatively small head circumference and the wig does tangly relatively easily.

Perfect for a Starfire copslay

Loved it, no shedding. Great for my starfire cosplay, very striking and neon

Very nice wig

Loved the wig, no shedding, fringe sat beautifully. I straightened it for my Misa cosplay, the ends felt a bit coarse? But that could've been because I straightened it and only noticed it after (hence still giving the wig a 5 star review)

Awesome wig

Perfect colour if you're cosplaying Misty, very thick with no shedding

Great wig, felt like a completely different person

Can't fault this wig, fringe sits beautifully. No sheddding! If you're buying for a Velma cosplay, it's on the darker side but you can just lighten that in photoshop :) Might have a stray hair or two at the end of the fridge but you can just chop those also

Tempted to dye my hair this colour because I love the wig so much

Great wig, had plenty of compliments on it. Doesn't shed and is nice and thick. I ADORE the colour!


Amazing wig for my ghost hunter character!!! Looks so natural and beautiful.
Very soft and easy to comb. Very good quality and thick.
Really recommend!


WOW! This wig is really amazing! I don't regret I spent some money for that, but my cosplay is perfect now :).

very useful

noone knew it was synthetic!!!!!!!!!!!! Super usefull

Very beautiful wig

beautiful curls and color !

Still so soft!

I bought this wig a few years ago along with a matching color bob-style one and married them to create a custom Elvira wig for myself. There's been hardly any fallout and it's still in such great shape! Not overly shiny like black wigs are prone to be, it doesn't tangle nearly as easily as you'd expect a wig of this length to, and any knots are quickly remedied with some gentle brushing from a wide tooth comb. This is the wig that started my love affair with wigisfashion's products, and I'm sure I'll continue to be loyal customer for many more years!

High quality wig, just not quite the right color.

I actually think this wig is great. Quality is excellent and it feels super nice, but the color was a touch too yellow for my personal tastes. Looks great on others, but that shade of blonde just wasn't quite right against my fair skin tone. I do love the shape though, and it worked well enough for my Selina Kyle/Catwoman cosplay.

Perfect color!

I sometimes struggle with blonde wig colors against my fair skin because they can look too yellow and strange on me. This wig, however, is absolutely beautiful and I ALWAYS get asked if it's my real hair - even by my friends! So soft and detangles very easily. I've had it for about a year and have worn it both for my Jane Foster Thor and Barbie cosplays.

Amazing, sugah!

This might be my 5th or 6th wig from wigisfashion, and there's a reason I keep coming back for more! The quality is outstanding - thick and luxe in all the right places. It's very soft, and so easy to style. I cut bangs into mine to create the look I wanted for my Rogue cosplay, and was so pleased with the results. Can't wait to figure out my next cosplay so I can order more!

Beautiful, high quality wig

I've bought a lot of wigs from WigisFashion and honestly they've always been beautiful quality. This one is no exception, it's truly perfect! Looks just like the photo, it's nice & thick, excellent quality. I'm in love with the colour too.


Love the wig ! I wore it to an event (3h) and it was so confortable !

Great wig after some adjustments!

I didn't want to spend tons of money on my first lace front wig, so I came across this one. With shipping costs I paid about 80€.
Although the wig was shipped from China, it arrived within two weeks and was undamaged. The packaging made a very good impression.
As soon as I took the wig out of the box I noticed that it was a bit darker than pictured, but that was already stated in the product description so I didn't mind. Nevertheless, the tips of the hair look a little different in real life, which I think is a bit of a shame.
I knew in advance that a wig this cheap probably wouldn't have an authentic hairline. So I plucked it a little more naturally with tweezers.
To make the wig look even more like real hair, I tried bleaching the lace and knots at the base to make it look like the hair was growing out of my scalp. Unfortunately, after repeated attempts and a long exposure time, it was not possible to lighten the knots.
I also cut bangs on the wig because it was very voluminous in the front area.
On a very positive side, the hair is incredibly light and soft. They don't scratch at all and you don't sweat under the wig.
All in all it's a great wig if you put some work into improving it and considering the cheap price.
I will definitely be ordering from Wig is fashion more often!

Beautiful wig!

I purchased this wig a month or so ago which is fine as it say’s available in 15-35 days and when it arrived it arrived in good packaging. The wig itself is really good quality and is exactly like the picture. Overall a really lovely wig and experience!

Love it!

I used it for my Aerith cosplay and it's the perfect length and color for that!

Love Love Love

I feel like real life Black Widow. It’s perfect, the lace blends seamlessly.

Before there were Barbie...

I got this wig as my base wig, before wig is fashion had the Barbie wig. It is the perfect color and I did easily style it to be my own Barbie wig. It is light, has a lot of hair and really comfortable!

Freaking cool!

I love this wig sooooo much. I was actually surprised when I didn’t see any wefts showing in the back even though my hair is super thick and bulks it out a little in the back. It also isn’t too shiny. It’s perfect.

I wish they had this same exact style (with bangs) in a longer wig.

I love it!

Initially there was some problem with shipping but for that the seller could not do anything. After the wig obviously no longer arrives they have sent me a second new one, which is why I am very grateful! 🥰 It arrives in a high-quality box, as well as in a velvet bag. I am also totally thrilled that is sewn over the complete head a parting, so that the wig looks even more realistic. It can also be styled super! I am so happy with the wig 🫶🏻

Harley Quinn

Wore this wig to Texas Frightmare as Harley and my bestie was poison ivy. This is my 5th ish wig for cosplay from you guys and they’ve all been amazing.

A good quality Steve Wig

I was looking to update my Steve Wig, and purchased this one. I did some slight modifications to adjust to the season I needed, but it was easy to do, and I was overall really pleased!