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Shockingly great

I was not expecting to receive a wig this nice from an online vender. The shipping took three weeks because of US customs, but the wait was absolutely worth it once I opened the package and saw the nice satin bag the wig comes in as well as very nice synthetic hair. It's straight and beautiful. The color is complex and realistic, a soft gray ombre with strands of pink blended in for dimension. I had to cut the bangs to fit my face, and it was very easy to cut this material accurately. There are no clips, but the straps in the wig keep it secure enough to my head that all I need is a couple bobby pins at the front and I can do anything without fearing it falling off. It's a bit hot to wear, but I'm sure that's an issue with most wigs. The part is what gives it away as a wig the most, but it's not bad at all. If fits me very well and my skin is on the light side. I am extremely pleased. Highly recommendable.

Nice wigs, Awful company

Purchased this wig in early September and still have not received my purchase. Contacted support and they gave me the run around for a full month claiming "it'll be there in a week" every time I asked. After two months they still refused a refund even though the tracking number the company provided me with shows that the purchase never left China. The whole experience and their attitude and treatment of customers just left an awful feeling. Will definitely not be purchasing from them again. Their wigs are very nice and my past order had no issues, however be warned that if anything goes wrong with your order they will not be nice or helpful.

Fairytale Come True

I adore this wig and cannot wait to take stunning fairytale portraits in it!! Of course I will tag every time, and thank you so much!! I cannot wait to order my white one next!!

Love it!

This wig is absolutely stunning! It looks natural, super thick yet soft, easy to style, just perfect!


I love this wig. This is the first wig I have ever bought, and after lots of research I know I made the right choice! The wig is thick and looks amazing. Also customer service was super friendly and helpful with any questions I had. I highly recommend buying from here.


This wig is gorgeous and so full! The yaki style gives lots of texture and volume to the wig so I don’t mind it. The color is perfect! Overall the best wig I have bought.


Such a beautiful wig and good quality

Amazing Quality!

I am absolutely in love with this wig. The colour is perfect, its super soft and the perfect length. I cannot wait to wear it for my Sabrina cosplay!

Love it!

The quality of the wig is great, it's very thick and easy to work with. I absolutely love the colour of it as well.
Added some wefts in the same colour to get the long ponytail :)

Absolutely amazing! The wig fits perfectly, even without a wig cap, and lots of compliments. I’ve even had people ask if that was my real hair! Will definitely buy here again. 5 stars

Amazing Wig

This was so fun to wear. It was my first lace wig and I couldn’t be more pleased for the price.

I'm so in love with this wig

The wig is amazing, it is completely natural, very comfortable, it is easy to untangle although it almost never happens. best choice. 💕💕

Just amazing

The quality is stunning. The wig is soft, full and comfortable. Totally reccommend this!

Awesome wig!

It is really perfect wig! My favourite) I made with it Mary Jane and Miss Fortune, my best cosplays!

Dream Wig!

I was looking at this wig for about 5 Months and when it went on sale I decided to bite the bullet. I absolutely love this wig, brushes out nice, very minimal shedding absolutely gorgeous texture! Perfect for many red colored haired cosplays!


Wonderful wig that looks good, is thick enough but is lightweight,and doesn't tangle easily.


No doubt it's my favorite wig, I feel very comfortable wearing it, and it's very natural😍
the quality is amazing

Great natural wig

I used this wig to cosplay Bucky from The Winter Soldier! It was very easy to style and I had no problem with heat while curling it and brushing it after! Great quality and easy to style!

Amazing wig!

Very easy to work with! Color is exactly as shown in the picture, it detangles very well and looks absolutely natural! One if my favorite wigs to style!

Very satisfied

This wig is perfect for my Elsa cosplay!

Ariel wig

I got this wig all the way back in 2016 and I love it! It's been through a lot to say it at least! I've curled it, straightened it, washed it, curled it again and then straightened it now again! On the picture, it looks a bit crusty because it was two-year-old curls that I tried to brush out for some reason! But it still looked amazing!

Rapunzel wig

I Bought this as a Rapunzel wig after she gets her hair cut off and it looks soooooo goood! It looks super natural and I was even asked if my natural hair colour was brown after changing out of my braided Rapunzel wig! They hadn't seen me without a wig before and thought this was my real hair! I can't stop loving this wig with all my heart! Definitely one of my favourites!

Mera wig

I got the wig from a girl that sold me the Mera costume and i couldn't be happier about it being a Wig is fashion wig! It looks great on and I absolutely love it! Its natural, sits well on my head and don't hurt while wearing it for a long time!


The Wig has a super beautiful Hairline.
She is super soft and looks really nice - The length is perfect for me