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6 Pieces of Multi Color Long Straight Fiber Hair Extension Hair Pieces

$5.99 USD

ST2 Light Brown
ST5 Dark Brown
ST6 Burgundy
ST7 White
ST9 Blonde
ST11 Blue
ST12 Pumpkin Orange
ST13 Dark Blue
ST14 Purple
ST15 Light Blonde
ST17 Light Blue
ST18 Royal Blue
ST19 Yellow
ST20 Ocean Blue
ST26 Ash Blue
ST27 Purplish Pink
ST28 Dark Pink
ST29 Ash Purple
ST30 Dark Ocean Blue
ST31 Magenta
ST32 Dark Purple
ST34 Platinum Blonde
ST35 Apple Red
ST39 Dark Megenta
ST43 Dark Grey
ST46 2 Tone Green
ST47 2 Tone Pink
ST49 Light Purple Mixed Light Pink
ST53 Purple Mixed Pink
ST54 Lemon green
ST55 Red Mixed White
ST56 2 Tone Burgundy
ST58 Green Mixed Yellow
ST59 2 Tone Green
ST60 2 Tone Purple
ST61 2 Tone Blue
ST62 Black Pink Green Mixed
ST63 2 Tone Pink
ST64 Black Mixed Pink
ST66 Mixed Blue
ST67 Purple Mixed Blue
ST73 Purple Mixed Pink
ST74 Mixed Pink
ST76 Purple Mixed Dark Blue

Style Code: ST

Color: Multi Color

Size: One size

Lengh: 24"

Width: 1.5"

Material: Japanese Synthetic Fiber

Heat Resistant150C heat resistant

Quantity6 pcs of One Pack

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